2017. május 8., hétfő

Zapcc Compiler

Once I noticed that a small startup company (Ceemple) introduced a modified Clang compiler (Zapcc) to reduce the compilation time. Instead of a disk-based cache like ccache, they cache some intermediate compilation pass results in memory (at least that is my bet) and reuse it for later compilation units. I modified the CMake build system in my robotics research project (AiBO+) and measured their claims. I found out that they don't overpromise. My project is about 90 kLOC now and zapcc was 30% faster than vanilla Clang 4.0.

Gcc 5.4: 6:40 min
Clang 4.0: 6 min
Zapcc: 4 min

I highly recommend their product. They don't just promise, but deliver. And it is really a drop-in replacement for gcc/Clang on Linux 64-bit environment.