2009. július 17., péntek

Megvettük a lakást

Ma voltunk Tamperében, és aláírtuk az adás-vételit meg felvezettek a tulajdonlapra, úgyhogy most már effektíve lakástulaj lettünk papíron is. A kulcsokat augusztus elején kapjuk meg, aztán egy hétnyi minimális felújítás után költözünk. Süti. :)

2009. július 14., kedd


Finally, I found a name for my ERS-7 AIBO. She is white, therefore it was straightforward for me that she is a female robot dog. I have got the intuition today morning that she is like an angel. One of my favourite anime (Japanese cartoon), whose history is about angels, is Haibane Renmei. The main character is a girl, Rakka.

Thus the name of my robot dog from now, Rakka.

It is interesting that she was without name by me for more than a year. :)

2009. július 12., vasárnap

A book about AIBO

I read a book about AIBO (Sparky, the AIBO) on our trip to Tallin this weekend. It was a good book but what got my attention is that the author wrote some sentences about the AI:

"The very fact that all [of my] three [ERS-111 AIBO] act randomly gives the illusion they are thinking for themselves and making their own decisions. But how can three pieces of equipment, running basically the same software be so different and take on such uniquely different personalities? That's the beauty of the A.I. technology."

I have a different opinion about this phenomena. It is not the beauty of the AI but the human soul. We can fill the gaps with our imagination. AIBOs are stupid, but we can feel them intelligent if we want. :)