2015. április 26., vasárnap

First public release of my artificial intelligence for Sony ERS-7 robot dogs

After years of development, I created  the first public version of my AiBO+ AIBOWare for Sony ERS-7: AiBO+ 3.0 - AIBO Rebirth release.

A feature video can be watched:

The same video in 3D:

AiBO+ has the following capabilities at the moment:

- Basic postures: sit, stand, lie.
- Locomotion (walking, turning).
- A new, compatible Skitter is bundled. (thanks to DogsBody) [Smile]
- Avoiding near objects or deepness (e.g a stairway).
- Basic emotions: happy, angry.
- Recognizing the floor surface while walking.
- Crowdsourcing scientific data (machine learning samples).
- Adaptive LED brightness levels.
- Adaptive volume level according to the time of the day.
- Turning over if the robot is upside down.

The AiBO+ AIBOWare must be installed in a PMS stick and an AiBO+ Client application can be run under Windows, Ubuntu Linux and Android.

The installation instructions and a detailed user guide are available on this page: