2009. június 24., szerda

OpenCV's is broken again

I am a bit tired to fix OpenCV time to time if the changes in the library are not tested in a properly. My simple unit tests fail because of this issue and then I should fix the svn version of the OpenCV to run my own unit tests.

I am tired to do it now and I stay for a while with the latest "stable" svn version (rev. 1820) for me. :)

Bunch of changes on Cognitive Vision libraries side

I reorganized a bunch of things in the project. I splitted the old libmind into libmindcore (basics), libmindeye (machine vision) and libmind (highest level, mind components). I also removed the old GTK app what focused on the machine vision and the old tests directories. The debian package generation is not updated, but I fixed the documentation related doxygen warnings. I ported all classes/functions from Glib/Gtk into Qt which has a much more nicer abstraction above Glib and other system components and it will be more easy and nice to rely on the platform independency of the Qt instead of Glib/Gtk. All classes/filenames have M/MC/ME prefixes according to libmind/libmindcore/libmindeye now.