2012. január 28., szombat

2012. január 18., szerda

Deadlock with KDE in Ubuntu Natty

I don't have too much problems with my Ubuntu, but sometimes a zomby process appeared in the process list:

24456 ? 00:00:00 setxkbmap <defunct>

It was impossible to kill this process with kill -9 and the whole plasma desktop etc became unresponsive, I had to reboot my laptop...not too nice. I found the solution in a blog post.

Enhanced listing of the dead process (checking the parent process):

ps -ef | grep defunct | more

24456 1835 0 14:53 ? 00:00:00 [setxkbmap]

And ps -e | grep 1835, voilá:

1835 ? 00:04:53 kded4

My good old friend, the KDE daemon. It made infinite loops in Lucid time to time, so it is again time to kill:

killall -9 kded4

...and my KDE desktop recovers again.

2012. január 2., hétfő

Very slow VMWare performance (host: Ubuntu Linux, guest: Windows 7)

Suddenly, I have just experienced very poor performance with VMWare (host: Ubuntu Linux, guest: Windows 7) under KDE. The virtual machine did not respond to mouse events only every 10 seconds or so. It turned out, the problem was the suspended Desktop Effects under System Settings/Desktop Effects. Reenabling the Desktop Effects solved the problem.