2015. augusztus 6., csütörtök

A new update of my artificial intelligence for Sony ERS-7 robots

Here comes the new update of my AiBO+ AIBOWare for Sony ERS-7: AiBO+ 3.1 - Let's Play!

New changes in this release:

- New sound profiles with voice acting (text-to-speech, Marissa, Gillian)
- A game can be played with AIBO
- Reworked pick-up mode/fall over/poking detection
- Configurable adaptive volume control
- Quicker responses for petting
- Less stress on the motors
- Many small fixes

The AiBO+ AIBOWare must be installed in a PMS stick and an AiBO+ Client application can be run under Windows, Ubuntu Linux and Android.

The installation instructions and a detailed user guide are available on this page:


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